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Improving Healthcare System in Kenya

Dedicated to providing healthcare stakeholders with the best service & collaborating with the Government and other Healthcare sectors partners.


A world class healthcare system in Kenya.


Providing a platform for healthcare providers and other stakeholders to champion for ethical and quality healthcare provision and dignity for society.

Core Values

  1. Quality
  2. Excellence
  3. Integrity
  4. Compassion

Our Purpose

KAPH champions for the improved health and dignity of society, particularly for vulnerable groups through a cohesive, professional membership, committed to the KAPH core values

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Universal Health Coverage

We are committed to playing a positive, active role in the development of a better healthcare system for the country, as Kenya moves steadily towards full implementation of the universal health coverage



We are fully committed in widening access, delivering professional excellence, growth, quality healthcare & transformation.


Proactively Engaged

We are at the helm of healthcare providing industry, engaging proactively with stakeholders, thereby informing the health reform push at the national health debate.


Legal Matters

We protect our members from unfair accusations & assist in legal matters and/or prosecutions by making representations on their behalf to government & non-governmental organizations with regard to matters that affect them & obtain relief where necessary


Quality Care

We represents multifaceted interests of members & the health industry as a whole in bringing to fruition the satisfaction of demand for the provisions of private healthcare in the broader healthcare system in the country & beyond



We insists on providing & delivering excellence in serving the interests of patients by promoting quality care & patient safety.

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Highest Standards

We are the champion & the leader in engaging medical practitioners & the voice for provision of highest standards of healthcare in Kenya and beyond. 

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The Link

We act as a link between private hospitals & the government, other local & international healthcare stakeholders, the media & the public.



The hospitals are the backbone of KAPH service. The members represent different & unique facets that affect the overall health sector of the country

Our Partners

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Our Members

Why People Trust Us

At Kaph we have a list all private hospitals and healthcare institutions that have benefited and continue to through the relationship we have fostered together. Here are some of the reasons why… 

Improved Working Conditions

We negotiate for improved working conditions for private hospitals through the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), the Ministry of Health, Private insurance companies, regulatory bodies etc

Professional Development

We offer continuing profession development (CPD) through our partners, various publications, seminars and annual scientific conferences


We offer an affordable local professional indemnity (PI) scheme in collaboration with other insurance companies

Legal Support

We provide legal support by protecting hospitals against unfair accusations & advocating for their interests

Advertisement Platform

We offers an advertising platform for our members through the Newsletters, KAPH magazine, organized seminars and training workshops


We advise members on the correct procedures and requirements of running a facility as required by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council

What People Say About Us

Take a look at the words of some the people who are part of our community and have used our services to improve conditions for their medical institutions

Jane Doe
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JOhn doe
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Liam Bower
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Our Main Service

Providing a platform for healthcare providers & other stakeholder to champion for ethical…

Our purpose

We champion for the improved health and dignity of society, particularly for vulnerable groups…

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